The Animali collection of wooden furniture for children (in Italian: animals) combines a modernist, playful design with natural and safe materials. Adorable animals stimulate creativity, and when they no longer fit among your child's interests, you can simply remove the decorative elements – our furniture will 'grow' with them. And we are confident that they will be with you for many years – thanks to their minimalist, timeless design and durable construction of natural wood.

The Animali collection is also furniture for visually impaired and blind children.

The decorative elements have been designed to support the recognition of the furniture in space, and some models are equipped with rows of openings that allow the creation of custom Braille alphabet messages.

Furniture from the Animali collection is made entirely of alder and pine wood - the bodies are protected with natural linseed oil, and the colorful decorative elements are coated with eco-friendly, certified water-based paints.