The Dasos collection is a series of eco-friendlywooden bedroom furniture that will allow you to transform it into an oasis of peace and feel close to nature.

Our collection is precisely what you need to create a comfortable relaxation space: a spacious legged dresser, functional nightstands, and wooden headboard beds - from single (90 cm wide) to family-sized (up to 270 cm), which allows parents to get a good night's sleep even when their little ones visit at night. The combination of durable alder wood and timeless design inspired by Scandinavian and mid-century styles will make you fall in love with them at first touch and keep them forever.

Dasos in Greek means forest and just like in the forest, in our minimalist furniture, you will find only natural materials: solid alder wood protected with eco-friendly linseed oil and wax. And just like in nature, each piece is unique - due to its one-of-a-kind wood grain pattern.