Bed slats - solid ader wood

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Product Description

This slatted bed base is the perfect solution for those seeking comfortable and stable support for their mattress. The base consists of 21 sturdy slats, each measuring 48 mm in width and 22 mm in thickness, connected by cotton tape. This design ensures proper support for the entire body during sleep.

Compatible with various mattress types

Our slatted bed base is suitable for use with bothfoam andlatex mattresses. Regardless of the type of mattress you have, this base will provide it with adequate support and comfort. You can rest assured that every night spent on this bed base will be full of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Suitable for larger beds

We are aware of the diversity of bed sizes available on the market. Our bed bases with a width of 140 cm or larger consist of two parts. If you need an even wider base with a width of 270 cm, you will receive it in three separate sections. This makes assembly and disassembly of the bed base easy and convenient, with well-matched stability.

Convenient delivery in rolled form

To facilitate the transport and delivery of our slatted bed base to your home, we send it in a rolled form. This means you don't have to worry about maneuvering it through doors or stairwells. After receiving the package, simply unroll the bed base and install it on your bed - it's easy and quick.


90x200   90x200
100x200    100x200
120x200   120x200
140x200   2 x (70x200)
160x200   2 x (80x200)
180x200   2 x (90x200)
200x200   2 x (100x200)
240x200   2 x (120x200)
270x200   3 x (90x200)


Material: alder wood

Finishing: raw

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