Silva bookshelf - additional shelf - solid, lacquered alder wood

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Additional Shelf for the Silva bookshelf

Looking for extra storage space? Additional shelves for the Silva bookshelf are the perfect solution for you. Made of high-quality alder wood, they provide not only functionality but also an aesthetic appearance.

Maximum Flexibility

One of the significant advantages of these additional shelves is the ability to mount them at any height within your Silva Shelf. This allows you to tailor them to your individual needs and create optimal storage conditions for various items. Each additional shelf comes with 4 metal shelf supports in the set.

Sturdy and Durable

The shelves are made of robust alder wood, known for its high resistance to mechanical damage and moisture. Furthermore, they are coated with a clear finish that protects them from stains and helps maintain their natural look for an extended period.

Additional shelves for the Silva Shelf are not only a practical storage solution but also a way to organize the space in your home or office. With them, you can efficiently utilize the available surface and have everything within reach. Order now and enjoy increased functionality of your Silva Shelf!


narrow: 43 x 43 x 2 cm

wide: 85 x 43 x 2 cm

Material: alder wood

Finishing: clear coat

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