The Silva collection captivates with its naturalness, functionality, and simplicity, proving that less is more.

You will find eco-friendly wooden furniture in it that will help you create spaces where you and your loved ones will love to be: a bedroom, a living room, an office, or a youth room. Among them are beds with clean lines, under-bed drawers, sturdy desks, dressers with milled handles, and shelves of various widths and heights that you can easily customize to your needs by selecting the appropriate doors and additional shelves.

Silva furniture is designed to be used... essentially forever. Its minimalist form will never go out of style, and the materials used are a guarantee of durability. Silva, in Latin, means 'forest,' and that's exactly what you can feel with our collection: the beauty and natural colors of alder wood, the closeness to nature. Wonderful, unique knots make each piece one-of-a-kind. To protect it from external factors, we cover the surface with a clear lacquer coating.